Top 14 Must Follow Rules

Dressing down does not always mean being sloppy. In fact, comfort and style can work together if you follow these 14 rules:

Rule 1

Style is not always what you wear, it is also how you wear it. Most of the time for me, it all starts with the pants. I am a true believer that when you find a pair that fits you well, you can do anything (sky is the limit). It gets easier from there, just adding a t-shirt, polo, button down, and a blazer/jacket will make you look complete. The key is the good pair and even it its jeans or chinos, they should look as if they are tailor made for you. That means, no more than 2 inches of excess material in the leg and instream that does not go below your shoe heels.


Rule 2

To start building your own signature look, start with pieces you like and invest in high quality versions. Once you find your groove and stick with it, you will feel much more comfortable and confident. When you feel confident in your style, you start switching few pieces here and there just to make sure that you don’t have same style at all times.

Rule 3

You want to look cool, the first thing you should get is a nice leather jacket. Leather jacket will always make you look cooler. If you are not a big fan of leather jackets, really nice suede jacket will give you similar amazing look. If you are more into refined look of suede, try not to destroy it. Give it some love with a suede-approved waterproofing spray. Also don’t forget, if you are using a suede brush to keep it clean, press lightly so you don’t ruin it.

Leather jacket

Rule 4

One thing I think every man should remember that underwear is not forever. Don’t be a guy who is walking around with hole in your underwear or underwear that is so old that discoloration is in process. That is a shame for you and your partner in your life. Quality underwear is like fine wine: until you give it a try, you just don’t know how it feels and what you are missing. In my opinion these are the brands you should consider when you think underwear that you will enjoy putting on every morning (Diesel, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith). My personal favorite is Paul Smith, even though they are at a higher price point. Enjoyment is guaranteed.


Rule 5

Back in a day a lot of men only new socks that one solid color and most of them were black or brown. Here is where I stand on this issue: boring socks = boring man. If you are still this man, change it up and enjoy the time where you can freely broadcast your personality. and socks worth an investment and worth your attention. Here are few socks I recommend: (Paul Smith, Happy Socks, Thomas Pink, and Charles Tyrwhitt)

Paul smith

Rule 6

Don’t make denim choosing too complicated. Skinny, wide-leg, boot-cut jean styles come and go and instead of chasing every denim trend, stick with slim-straight leg design. This cut will provide you room in the seat and thighs, which is priority for most men, while still giving a tapered look from the knee down.

hermes belt

Rule 7

Same as socks, prints on dress or casual button down shirts is personality. I am sure you have been in stores recently and have seen all of the playful shirts. It is in shores because designers are pushing more and more for different prints and in my opinion it is not going away any time soon. Don’t get intimidated by all the prints, you can easily master this. Start by coordinating the size of the shirt’s print with the size of your body. If you are a guy with a slight build, looks more natural in shirts with smaller prints, while more muscular body will benefit from larger design.


Rule 8

One thing on you that never goes unnoticed is the timepiece on your wrist. Investing in a great timepiece is always a great idea, because your watch tells more than just time. As most men are switching traditional timepieces to smart watches, it is the perfect time to make the change and strong personal statement. Great and thorough researched purchase of your future timepiece, always will be a great investment, because it will never go down in its value. So when purchasing your watch, stop and think what type of investment and what kind of statement am I going to make? (IWC, Rolex, Breitling, Audemars Piguet…)


Rule 9

Another rule that broadcasts who you are, is your scent. This is very important for any men from any culture. One of the main characteristic that I always stress to any men who I speak with for fashion and styling suggestions, is to get into habit of smelling fresh at all times. Pick the right cologne that smells good on you. (separate blogpost on how to pick the right cologne, coming soon). My personal favorites: Tom Ford (Tuscan Leather), Armani Prive (Oud Royal), Kilian (Straight to Heaven).

tom ford

Rule 10

You think shoes you wear is not important to your lady or your date? Biggest mistake you can ever make. Remember and never forget – SHE CARES. Your shoes actually has to pass her inspection, because ladies have elevator eyes and they go all the way down to your feet. Don’t think of shoes as short-term purchase. Don’t be afraid to invest into quality shoes, because men shoes evolve slower that women. Here are the types of shoes you must invest in and have it in your wardrobe: The Dress shoes, the Hybrid (Cole Haan), the Loafers, the Chukka Boot, the Upgraded Sneakers (Axel Arigato).


Rule 11

How everything fits you is the key for an incredible look and good fit is more important than expensive apparel.

  • Check your Wrists – each jacket sleeve should end at the bend in your wrist and your shirt cuff should extent about quarter inch below that.
  • Shoulder Fit – when you touch the top of each shoulder, where it meets your arms, you should feel the seam of your shirt. If it drops lower, then it is not your size and the fit will not be ideal.
  • Break on your pants – pants should hit your shoes with just a single break.

Rule 12

Bags are important – get a bag that works for the gym or office. If you are away for a short time, use stylish duffel bag instead of a roller bag. For daily use, stay stylish and go with nice leather backpack.


Rule 13

You should stay in style even if you are going to gym. This does not mean you need to dress up for the gym, it simply means that you should wear gym cloths that have some details on them. Don’t wear cotton, because you will be soaked when doing cardio training. This feels gross and makes other people around you, uncomfortable.

Rule 14

Sometimes you should break the rule. There are plenty of guidelines on how a man should dress, however, challenging yourself and try to break the rule every now and then, you risk being just another boring guy. The trick is to break the rules like you make the rules. Wear your cloths with confidence and everyone else will think that missed the memo on how to look amazing.


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