Limited Edition Drivers by Stephen F

Let’s learn or refresh some basics, before moving into these Exclusive Limited Edition Drivers by Stephen F.

While to most people loafers and moccasins look pretty similar, they are quite different pieces. If you want to tell them apart right away, you can look whether they have laces or not. Loafers don’t have any laces, while moccasins do and they are purely decorative, without tying function. Another comparison is the material: loafers are always supposed to be made from leather, while moccasins can be made out of suede or other materials as well. The last comparison is that loafers can have a heel, however, moccasins never do.

How to wear Loafers:

Loafers are the more casual style and can be worn in any casual setting and go well with both Shirts and t-shirts, jeans, khaki pants and also shorts. In fact, wearing shorts with loafers will make the shorts look dressier and fancier.

How to wear Moccasins:

Moccasins are the more formal, however, it does not mean that they are to be worn at a black tie events or other highly formal settings. Remember that depending on a fabric and color, moccasins and loafers can look more or less formal. Also, don’t forget that the color of your shoes does not have to match the color of your pants. (Separate Blogpost coming soon)

Limited Edition Drivers:

Of course you may have heard the term “driving shoes” as well, in relation to loafers and moccasins. They are the version of moccasins, and they differ by having a rubber tabs on the soles. Rubber soles make the shoes more versatile and more durable. The comfort and and flexibility of the shoes stay the same. There are 2 types of driving shoes: rubber dotted type (small round rubber pads) and flat rubber pads separated by small areas.


My personal favorite is made by Stephen F. Drivers from Stephen F, designed in Sweden and Hand Made in Italy. The most important thing is that this is not just a regular Driver Shoes, each and every one of them are Hand Made in Italy with Exclusive design and touch. When you purchase these, they will be your ultimate favorite. They are Limited Edition and only 2 in each size. Available in 11 colors: Pink with blue lasers, purple, black with blue lasers, navy with light blue lasers, light camel, black with turquoise lasers, gray with black lasers, red with black lasers, royal blue and many more. You can get my exclusive discount 15% OFF when you mention my IG Name: Eric K Fashion

You can get them 2 ways:

Stephen F NYC Flagship Store

829 Washington Street, New York NY 10014



Follow and DM Stephen F @worldstephenf

Bonus Tips: These shoes should be worn without socks. Their design is special and it definitely looks better if you are wearing them without socks. You don’t want to wear them without socks, you must have invisible socks. These are socks that are so low that when you wear them, it appears as if you are not wearing any socks.

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    Those drivers are gorgeous! Thanks for all the shoe tips! Really need to brush up on my shoe inventory…


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