The Art of Scent and Choosing Your Own

If anyone did not know, Smell is the most powerful sense.

Powerful and unique scents = deep, emotional connection. Think of a time when you have someone in your life who always smelled amazing, when that person is not around and you meet someone else that smells exactly the same, it takes you back to those memories.


How do you feel when you look nice? I am sure you feel great about yourself. Now, here is what I am asking you to do: Add a fragrance/cologne that mixes well with your body oil which will not only boost your confidence, but also make an overall great impression.

Most men do not understand the importance of scent, therefore, they do not use Fragrance/Cologne on a regular basis.

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Now that I shared the importance of using Fragrance/Cologne, I will share with you the mistakes you don’t want to make:

  1. Not Understanding the Power of Scent

It helps with stress and confidence, also makes you inviting (making every interaction you are having with someone enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Not Choosing Your Own Fragrance

Receiving gifts are great, but what’s important is to know what kind of fragrances/cologne you like and which one mixes well with your body oil. Sampling is the key, because you need to know if the fragrance mixes well with your body oil.

  1. Applying the Fragrance Incorrectly

One of the common mistake everyone makes is when you spray Fragrance/Cologne on your wrist and start rubbing them together. (Sounds Familiar?) It’s important to remember that when you sample the Fragrance/Cologne, you just need to spray on your skin and let it dry by itself. The reason behind that is, you want it to mix perfect with your body oil in order to get full effect. If you spay and then use your hands to spread Fragrance/Cologne, you will break the chemical bond that needs to be formed. Chemical bond needs to be formed so you can get true scent from the Fragrance/Cologne.


  1. Not Properly Storing the Fragrance

Fragrance/Cologne will last for few years if stored properly. Without proper storage the scent will break down.Overexposed to sunlight and exposing them to wide range of temperatures in the short period of time. It is the best if you store them in the dark and room temperature in order to preserve the integrity and potency of the scent.

Smelling good should definitely be part of your personal style. When you picking your next Fragrance/Cologne make sure you take the time to do research and sample Fragrance/Cologne so that you know what you like.



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